The fortune teller turned the cards one by one, in a complete silence.

Her face grew more serious with every flip of a card.

“I’ve never seen anything like this”- she said at the end.

Prepare yourself for a change, my girl.

And a big change it is going to be.

The cards don’t lie.

You will not become a merchant’s wife. You will not live in a stone house by the seaport gate. No, that is not in your cards.

Don’t cry for your past. Prepare for your future. You will not become an apotheker or a midwife in your village, because your destiny is different. Your destiny is to become the next

Empress of the Four Kingdoms.

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You thought that the old clairvoyant has gone completely mad.

What nonsense!

ME? The Empress?

When you came home, the town square was full of people, running and talking with a great anxiety.

A sail corvette brought the news not an hour ago.

The old Emperor Augustus the Spade was brutally ASSASSINATED.

The emperor is dead card

The Empire is in great turmoil.

Will you leave your home and travel to the distant Newyorkopolis, the capital of Heartspades empire?

… There are one thousand royal houses in the Empire, all alike in dignity …
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… While the court queens indulge in a life of intrigue and forbidden pleasures …

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… the brave adventurers are looking for opportunities to gain wealth, power and fame …
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… courtesans are so charming, so seductive, so sinful both night and day …
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… while silly jokers are telling silly jokes.

The World is Full of Opportunities.

What will happen to YOU?

Will you have the courage to follow YOUR destiny?

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Good luck, my dear.