The emperor is dead card

The news has reached you just this morning:

The old Emperor Augustus the Spade was brutally ASSASINATED.

The Empire is in great turmoil.

You have no time to waste! Call the banners! Prepare the ships! Load weapons, provisions and gold.

It’s high time to set sail for the distant Newyorkopolis, the capital of Heartspades empire, where Kings, Queens and their courts are arriving from all over the world to make their claim on the IMPERIAL THRONE…‚Äč

new cards just posted on the site card

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... There are one thousand royal houses in the Empire, all alike in dignity ...

king cards collection card

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... and they are all fighting for the imperial throne ...

who is winning the battle for the throne card

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... while the court queens indulge in a life of intrigue and forbidden pleasures ...

queen cards collection card

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... and an underground tarot resistance movement is plotting major arcana assassinations ...

strictly forbidden card

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... the brave adventurers are looking for opportunities to gain wealth, power and fame ...

jacks cards collection card

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... courtesans are so charming, so seductive, so sinful both night and day ...

pin up cards collection red light district card

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... while silly jokers are telling silly jokes.

joker cards collection jester and fool card

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... It is there that you will make your final stand. Today is the last night before the decisive battle.

Tomorrow you will either

How would you like to spend tonight, Your Majesty?

Perhaps, go to the Royal Gardens for for some Zen Relaxation?

royal gardens botanical pictures relaxation card

(Click the green jewel for relaxation in the Royal Zen Gardens)

... or spend some time musing over the vain fashions of the royal courts? ...

trends in royal fashion card

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... or just focus and play a patience game for ten minutes?

patience card game card

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Anything else? Perhaps just turn one more card?

6 of spades main image

6 of spades main image

Why are you still here?

That is so ill-mannered!

Their Majesties

One Thousand


of the Glorious Heartspades Empire

a r e
w a i t i n g
f o r


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